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Heavier than steel.    Legal in all states

The finest shot shells available

What our Customers Say...

  • This TURKEY TSS is legit!!! 
I shot the 20 ga 3” 2 ounce shell. I can’t believe how many pellets are inside of a 12” ring at 40 yards. I can not wait to fire these things at a gobbler. Great price, fast shipping and great pattern. I’m hooked!

    John R - Darlington, MD
  • I bought 2 boxes of the 28 ga Turkey TSS loads. I wanted something a bit easier on my shoulder and frankly I like the challenge of a smaller gun. I am extremely happy with the way they pattern. I’m not one of those guys who will shoot at 60 yards, I like them up close and personal, but I have no doubt these things will drop a bird way beyond where I’m going to shoot. Can’t wait for April and I’m trying the 410 next.

    Greg G - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Being in California the lead ban is a real killer of choices. I am stoked that the TTS is available. I’m running the 20 ga for myself and my 10 year old is shooting the 410. Can’t wait for season to get here. We shot a few to pattern and they are better than the lead no 6’s that we hunted with for years, I can’t believe how many hits were on my son’s 410. Killer stuff.

    Ralph C - SO CAL
  • Turkey season’s just around the corner and no one had any shells, so I gave Epic a try. First time I have ever ordered from them so I was a bit nervous. It was easy to check out and the shells got here in a few days. I’m glad I gave them a try. I will buy again.

    Brad T - Fairfield, SC