About Us

Who we are and how we got here. 

Stories like ours have many twists and turns but always point in the same direction. While most folks in the hunting world and hunting industry claim they live to hunt, it's just simply not true. Yes, they like it and spend days in the field, but we are, and always have been different. We spend almost every day of Duck season in the field, wet and cold, watching the skies. When we are not, we're prepping, rigging decoys, testing equipment and just flat out scouting. 
Epic Shotshell was born like many great companies over the years, out of frustration. Sub par shells, poor quality shot, inconsistent patterns and unnecessary follow up shots brought us here. 
Living through the switch from Lead to Steel was a nightmare. More cripple birds, more dead loss and more expense over 40 years led us here. We will not produce sub par products. Period. 
Over the years, steel shot has become better and more consistent. But it comes with extra recall, shortened lethal distances and too many follow up shots. Add this to the marketing folks who convinced all of us that one product was better than another, only to find out it was just as bad or in some cases worse!
Year ago we started getting serious about fixing the problems that plague the sport and lifestyle we love so much. Now, we are here, now we can do something about it. 
What makes our shot different? 
More than a few reasons, but here are a few key ones. Quality shot first and foremost. Round, consistent and the next generation of shot. Our Bismuth shot has charastics closer to lead than others on the market. It's not easy to make "good" Bismuth, but we have it. Don't believe it's different? Try one of the other brands and see. Our Bismuth crushes not explodes. Yes, I said it and I mean it. Cut a competitors shell open and put a pair of needle nose plyers to the test. But, I'd wear safety glasses. Some of our competitors Bismuth actually explodes! Shatters! 
Ours is the real deal.
If you have noticed more cripples and fragments in your birds at cleaning, this could very well be why. 
Once we figured out what other companies, who we trusted for years, had done to us, we finally had enough and Epic was born. 
We are a family owned business. All of our team and family shoot Epic and only Epic shells. 
We have hunted all over the country, from East to West, North to South and in other countries. We know good shells, we know junk. 

With more than a decade of outfitting behind us in North Texas, and still remaining one of the most consistent outfitters in the country, has allowed us to see the obvious problems and we are here to solve these issues. 

We are Epic Shotshell. We will not make a single shell we wouldn't shoot ourselves. This is our promises. 
Give our shells a try and you'll see the difference, feel the difference and like the outcome.

The outdoor world has changed, we're here to change it, from the inside.