410 Ga

The specialized 410 Gauge 3" "TTS" Turkey load is specifically designed for the 410 hunter who doesn't want to leave anything to chance. Boasting a huge payload of 7/8 full ounces of TTS and a specialized powder to lower the recoil, Nothing hits harder than TTS. With good ole lead shot weighing in at 11.34 g/cc and Tungsten weighing in at a whopping 18.1g/cc it's no wonder whey TTS is a proven performer no matter what the conditions. You waited all year to make this shot, you've bought the best decoy, camouflage and call, don't skimp out on the most important factor, the shot! Epic TTS is the best! 

  • 410 ga Tungsten Turkey (TSS)


    410 ga Tungsten Turkey (TSS)

    EPIC TSS has taken a great product with Tungsten and made it even more spectatular. With todays loads the subgauges are now king of the land and the 410 shines in this category. You can now have a subguage gun that can cleanly kill a big Ole Tom...

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