Dove & Clay

with Epics High Tensile BISMUTH

Epic now offers Bismuth shot for the Dove, Quail and Clay shooter that is second to none!

Finally a product that offers a quality Bismuth Shotshell at a reasonable price for those shooters that choose, or are mandated, to shoot a non toxic shotshell in the field or at the range.

Epic brings a lower recoil 12 ga shell to the bismuth game with unparalleled patterns and with the highest consistency. 

Epic Dove & Clay is the perfect option to those hunters who are just sick and tired of being forced to shoot steel shot. We wanted something more in the field without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. Our High Tensile Bismuth hits Harder hitting than steel, less recoil on your shoulder and is 100% legal in all 50 states.

Gone are the days of knowing you were on the target but not being able make the shot, or even worse, not recovering the downed bird. With Epic High Tensile Bismuth you can get your confidence back no matter what the wind is doing or overly worrying about the distance of the shot.
If this sounds like you, Epic has you covered!

Raise the bar without sacrificing the performance. With speeds around 1,350 fps, your leads will be more consistent, targets will break more clearly and birds fold like the good old days. 

Approximately 24% denser than steel and and far more down range punch, the difference is noticeable and your confidence is restored. 

The added weight of Epic UPLAND Bismuth allows you to drop a shot size or even two compared to competitors Bismuth products and two to four sizes compared to steel shot.

See the difference when it matters, less cripples, more cleanly broken clays and more pellets on target and more downrange power with Epic Dove & Clay.

Dust off the 20 ga again or stick to the old faithful 12 and get back out in the field.  

All Dove & Clay shells are loaded in a low brass and with a nice tapered end to help even the most finicky of guns load with ease. 

Available in. 

12 ga. 2 3/4"  # 7 1/2 shot in 7/8 ounce

20 ga. 2 3/4"  # 7 1/2 shot in 3/4 ounce

28 ga 2 3/4"   # 7 1/2 shot in 5/8 ounce (coming in 2025) 

Loose Packed in cases of 200 with Epics Custom Draw String Bag included for free.


If you are tired of shooting overpriced steel shot, try Epic Dove & Clay Bismuth and see the difference for yourself. 

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    12 Dove & Clay


    12 Dove & Clay

    12 Ga - 2 3/4  "Dove & Clay" - BISMUTH             FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 12 Gauge 2 3/4" Dove & Clay 7/8 ounces Epic Bismuth Shot 1350 fps Epics "Light Magnum 12" Wad 100% loose packed with the...

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    20 Dove & Clay

    20 Ga - 2 3/4  "Dove & Clay" - BISMUTH             FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 20 Gauge 2 3/4" Dove & Clay 3/4 ounces Epic Bismuth Shot 1350 fps Epics "Light Magnum 20" Wad 100% loose packed with the...

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