12 ga 2 3/4 "Light Magnum" Bismuth

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12 Ga - 2 3/4 "Light Magnum" - BISMUTH             FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48

  • 12 Gauge
  • 2 3/4" Light Magnum
  • 7/8 ounces Epic Bismuth Shot
  • 1350 fps
  • Featuring EPICS "Classic Magnum" Wad
  • 100% loose packed with the EPIC SHELL BAG included for free. 
  • EPIC High Tensile Bismuth
  • Consistent weight and pellet counts
  • Available in High Brass for shot size 5 or 6
  • Less Recoil and more pellets on target
  • Boasting over 86% pattern in a 30" circle at 30 yards with a Muller Passing Choke
  • Choke Recommendations
    • up to 35 yards, Muller Decoy Choke
    • past 35 yards or in heavy wind, Muller Passing Choke 

EPIC Shotshell introduces the next generation of Bismuth! Designed with Epics "Classic Magnum Wad" for increased pattern density at close to far range. Recomended for shots up to 60 yards, but truly excells in shots around 20-40 yards due to its incredible ability to evenly space the pellets in your pattern. 

We made this product for one reason and one reason only. To provide a high quality, low recoil budget option for everyone. Finally, younger shooters and older alike have an option for the field that won't break the bank. 

Specifically designed to compete with todays steel shot, our "Light Magnum" load is outperforms in almost every aspect. 

Let's compare these two loads, 

For example, a 12 ga 3", 1 1/4 oz #3 Steel Shot has 178 pellets, while the 12 ga 2 3/4" 7/8 ounce Epic "Light Magnum" Bismuth Load carries 218 no 6 pellets with an added punch of 24% more density when compared to steel shot! 

So what makes EPIC Bismuth Shot so different? Well, an endless search with the best science, data and testing.

While competitors bismuth are fragile and actually explode and fragment upon both loading and firing, EPIC "High Tensile"  Bismuth is more aligned with the softer charastics of lead shot allowing tighter patterns, more consistent kills and at far greater distances. Don't be fooled by other products this bismuth is not the same. 

Available in both 100 and 200 round loose packed case with a free custom draw Epic shell bag to keep the cost as low as possible. 

Watch and feel the difference with EPIC Bismuth, cleaner kills and less cripples are the standard. Lower recoil allows you to stay on target with less barrel rise keeps you in the zone so you can capatlize on those rare opportunities. 

*Only for use in newer, safe and Modern firearms*

Please note that ammo cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Chicago, NYC and Washington state, District of Columbia. The following states with conditions, Massachusetts, Illinios, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. Please check out the https://epicshotshell.com/shipping-returns/ page for more and update details.